Polynesian Entertainment

Halau Kahealani



Rehearsals are usually, Saturdays in addition to Fridays and other days when needed for competition or big festivals.

We rehearse at the Conservatory of Dance 4876 Princess Anne Road Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Please email me for appropritate times to be placed in the proper age group practice time.

A typical day consists of warm ups and drills in both Hula and Tahitian.Hawaiian Language class for those who enroll. We finish the day with choreography.

Keiki (Hawaiian) /Tamarikii (Tahitian) 5-10 years of age

Tamahine(Tahitian) 11-16 years of age  
Prior polynesian experince 15-16 years of age will be evaluated to be placed in the adult wahine/vahine class.

Wahine (Hawaiian)/Vahine (Tahitian) 17 years of age to adult

Kane (Hawaiian)/Tane (Tahitian) Rehearse when needed but are encouraged to come to thier age group to do warm ups and practice basic techniques.

Effective 2017
$40 a month per person
Family Rate $60 with at least 2 members dancing minimum

Uniform for practice:
Hula- Black top and Pau Skirt
Tahitian-Black top and Black Pareo/Sarong